Quilts with motivational messages pieced into the design

Most of my quilts have words and symbols pieced into the design, and all of my quilts have stories behind them. Click into each quilt in my portfolio to read the story associated with it. As I share these stories of my life I hope others will find inspiration for their own lives. I also hope viewers will hear me cheering for them in their journey. You can do it!

When I Sow I Reap

When I sow I reap, and as a professional quilter, when I sew I reap. Sometimes I also have to rip, but that’s OK, the sewing is important.

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He Who Knows

Knowing when you have enough is key. The word “enough” is shown on the quilt in four other languages.

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See With New Eyes

Each block on this quilt has a companion. The exact block just colored differently. Can you find them? Can you look at the elements of your life differently to be happier?

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