Lorie Kleiner Eckert loves words – the printed word, the spoken word, and even the quilted word.

THE PRINTED WORD:  Lorie has four books in print plus she writes two blogs. In all of her written work she shares the stories of her life hoping others will find inspiration for their own lives.

  • Love, Loss, and Moving On is Lorie’s new book! It is part memoir, part unauthorized biography of a handsome British actor, and part flight of fancy. In the book Lorie uses her crush on the actor (who can he be?) as a crutch to get over the loss of her significant other. (RoseWK Publishing ©2018.)
  • I Need a Man’s Pants to Wash – For three years Lorie wrote a weekly slice of life column that she syndicated to two dozen Jewish newspapers throughout the United States. This book is a compilation of the first 52 columns. (Pelican Publishing Company ©2002.)
  • Get Quiet and Listen is based on the concept of a picture and a thousand words. In this book, the reader gets 12 essays averaging 1000 words. Each essay is illustrated by one of Lorie’s quilts and each of the quilts has words and symbols pieced into the design. (Pelican Publishing Company ©1997.)
  • With This Ring I Journey, is an “adult picture book” that is 32 pages long including 13 pages of photography depicting Lorie’s quilts with words and symbols pieced into the design. (Pelican Publishing Company ©1995.)

THE SPOKEN WORD:  Beyond writing, Lorie has shared her story-telling skills as a motivational speaker during the years 1994-2004.  Her programs had a Show ‘N Tell format that combined her inspirational words with a trunk showing of her quilts as she addressed such topics as the Journey Toward Self-Acceptance and Love, and Having the Courage to Say YES to Life.  In ten years of public speaking she addressed more than 250 groups – and over 22,000 people – in 11 states.  Her audiences included every sort of organization from PTAs to Procter & Gamble.

THE QUILTED WORD:  Lorie also showcases words in unique quilts of her own design.  In her latest creative endeavor her fiber artwork is now available as giftware in her Etsy shop.

Lorie’s artwork, presentations, and written words all work to teach beautiful lessons in life, and indeed, Lorie is well trained to teach in this manner.  She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Missouri with a degree in Education.

On a personal note, Lorie has lived in St. Louis, San Diego, and Los Angeles.  She currently resides in Cincinnati.  She is the proud mother of three grown children and nine grandchildren.  Her hobbies include reading, walking, quilting, and eating ice cream.

DISCLAIMER:  Lorie’s degree is in Education, not in Psychology, so she has no qualifications for telling others how to live their lives.  However, as she shares the stories of her life she hopes her audiences will find some lessons that might work for their lives as well.

As you get to know Lorie’s brand of life lessons you will see that what she teaches is very simple.  For instance, her recipe for a happier life is to do more of the things that make you happy and less of the things that don’t.  Who can argue with that?  You will also see that she finds life lessons in all things.  Even children’s songs can be instructive.  When she feels like she is struggling against the current in life, this little ditty reminds her to try going with the flow instead, “Row, row, row your boat gently DOWN the stream.”  Both of these lessons are things her audiences already know.  Lorie functions as a rah-rah cheerleader to remind them.


Here are the many places you can find Lorie Kleiner Eckert online:

Medium – read more of Lorie’s stories here.

Worthy.com – Lorie writes blogs for Worthy twice a month.

Instagram proves Lorie’s fascination with words as she posts her brand of inspiration, motivation, and humorous messages printed out on lapel buttons, coffee mugs, typographic art, and the like.

On Twitter these same images will appear along with retweeted images by other people who spout motivational, inspirational, and humorous life lessons.

LinkedIn will also showcase Lorie’s motivational images and words.

On Pinterest you will find Boards depicting all the things she LOVES.  Check out these Boards:

  • Quilts
  • Quilts with Words
  • Words
  • The Color Green
  • Advertising Tins – she owns several hundred tins that are on display all over her house.
  • British actor, Bill Nighy, who has a part in her new book, Love, Loss, and Moving On.

Facebook is the best place to see Lorie’s online presence. Social media posts will appear here as will notices of sales on the Etsy shop, and announcements of all of Lorie’s blogs as they appear on her website and on Worthy.com.

On Goodreads you will find many of the books Lorie has read in the last ten years (about 200) and reviews of most of them.  Why reviews?  She can’t remember what they are about ten minutes after reading them unless she writes these little reminders.

Etsy will show you a lot of Lorie’s quilt artwork available as giftware. There are note cards, photographic prints, T-Shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, and coffee mugs. Lorie’s books and quilt patterns are available on Etsy as well. Check it out!