This pattern is called a Squilt. It started out as a skirt with a star border all around the bottom but the skirt did not hang right so I took it apart and turned it into a quilt hence the name, Squilt. Like turning lemons into lemonade...

© Lorie Kleiner Eckert
Quilt Size: 36” L X 46” W
This quilt features a Friendship Star Block. It started out to be the border for a black skirt. (If you were to cut the quilt in half horizontally, you would have the front and back borders.) Unfortunately, I know nothing about clothing construction so I couldn’t get the skirt – with this heavy pieced border – to hang correctly. In frustration, I cut the borders off the skirt and turned them into a quilt. Thus, I crossed a skirt with a quilt and got a squilt!

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